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  • "Chamomile" tea - 10 sachets

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"Chamomile" tea - 10 sachets

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"Chamomile" tea - 10 sachets
Chamomile: a winter drink with miraculous properties
The package contains 10 sachets for 10 teas. The label contains all the information and instructions for use.

Enjoyable, and everything you need for cold winter nights - especially when they are accompanied by runny nose - chamomile is a drink with which you can spend this winter (and not only) earning from its benefits.
Chamomile contains essential oil (proazulen, farnesene, spiro ether, α-bisabolol), flavonoids (abthemidine, rutin, luteolin), coumarins, choline, tannins and the bitter glycoside anthemic acid and mucus. It also contains silicon, calcium, magnesium and potassium salts.

History and tradition
Chamomile has been used since antiquity. Arab doctors recommended his oil for abrasions. From the 1st century AD its action on the digestive system was known. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used it as a medicine and in fact the Egyptians had dedicated it to the god Helios, who was a physician of infectious diseases. It is probably the same plant as Galen's chameleon and one of Dioscorides' anthems.

Therapeutic actions and uses
- antispasmodic, against colds, disinfectant - against colic - against rheumatism - relieves cases of inflammation - tonic, digestive - against stomach cramps, indigestion and flatulence - against anorexia, gastric and diarrhea of constipation - diuretic, antipyretic - against dysmenorrhea - against hysteria and nervous headaches - it is against paralysis of the tongue - it is beneficial for the liver - it strengthens the immune system - it can be used against colic pain of the period and from premenstrual syndrome -against vaginitis (washes with chamomile) -effective in fighting catarrh mainly of allergic origin -helps with asthma -has the ability to calm the nerves and relieve mental arousal no not only relaxes but significantly reduces anxiety and depression - it is antiseptic and soothing skin addictions - for acne, eczema, inflammation, burns - for eye allergies - can be used to clean wounds - for mouth ulcers and gingivitis

Other uses
-can be used for make-up removal, if you mix 2 kg of chamomile decoction with 2 kg of fresh milk. Clean your makeup with a cotton ball and this mixture and then, rinse your face with water. -Chamomile is used as a key ingredient in many cosmetics and cleansing and moisturizing products. -gives highlights to light brown and blonde hair, if you use a decoction of German chamomile, in the last hair rinse after shampooing. Caution! Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and are not a prescription. Especially if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, taking medication or have health problems, consult your doctor before taking it.

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