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  • Melassa - Bio

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Melassa - Bio

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Blackstrap molasses
The nutrient sweetener and its health benefits!
Molasses is a by-product of the processing of cane and sugar beet into table sugar.
✅Net Weight: 420g
Organic Product
Iron reinforcement
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Molasses is 100% natural made from sugar cane with an old traditional recipe that gives it the unique taste of its kind, while retaining all the nutrients. It is ideal for cooking, confectionery, salads, sauces, while it combines perfectly with ice cream, yogurt, juices and coffee.
Blackstrap molasses is a by-product of the cane refining process. The cane is washed to make juice, and then boiled to make cane syrup. A second boil creates molasses.
After this syrup is boiled for the third time, a dark viscous liquid emerges as a blackstrap molasses. It has the lowest sugar content of any cane product and is a superfood.
It contains many inorganic and organic elements of plant origin as well as natural sugars that are fully assimilated by the body.
It also contains iron, calcium, magnesium and many other minerals useful for the body and has a beneficial effect on people with Mediterranean anemia or low hematocrit as it helps to restore hematocrit iron and ferritin to normal levels.
It is ideal during the menstrual period and has very positive results in constipation problems.
In addition to the many beneficial benefits that its glycemic index has, it is 55 and can help in cases where the use of sugar is not allowed and, above all, can be the sweet ally of diabetics.
Light molasses has a sweet and mild taste, while dark molasses is richer and fuller in taste, almost like saccharin and is used in desserts. Black molasses (Blackstrap) tends to be bitter and is not easily eaten alone.
Molasses contains some basic minerals. These are: magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, iron, phosphorus, chromium, cobalt and sodium. It is a good source of energy and carbohydrates and also contains sugars. In addition it contains various vitamins such as niacin, vitamin B6, thiamine and riboflavin. Molasses is very low in fat and fiber.
Biological product
Ingredients Molasses bio BLACKSTRAP 100%
Nutritional elements per 100gr. Energy: 1261kj / 297kcal - Fats: <0,2g Of which saturated: <0,1g - Carbohydrates: 69,6,6 Of which sugars: 56g - Fiber: 0,9g - Proteins: 2g - Salt: 0, 02g - Calcium: 400mg (50%) - Iron: 13mg (96%) - Chromium: 20mg (50%)

The health benefits of molasses
Molasses is very healthy, mainly due to its dense and nutritious content. It can help with many bodily functions such as reducing stress, reducing indigestion, increasing blood circulation and strengthening bones. An individual tablespoon offers a blast of sugar and carbohydrates.
Antioxidant properties
A study conducted in the USA showed that the alternative sugar products, molasses, contain the highest amount of antioxidants compared to sugar, corn syrup, raw sugar and other sweeteners. These antioxidants protect the body from oxidative damage associated with various disorders and degenerative diseases.
Protects against period cramps
Molasses is a very good source of iron and is very effective during menstruation, where women are at high risk of iron deficiency due to blood loss. Fat-free and low-calorie is a good alternative as a source of iron compared to other fat sources such as red meat.
Minerals such as magnesium and calcium present in molasses help prevent blood clotting, relieve menstrual cramps and maintain the health of uterine muscles. It is a healthy alternative, compared to other menstrual medications that may have some side effects.
Controls weight
According to a scientific article, the polyphenols in molasses have antioxidant properties that can be very effective in reducing obesity and weight management.
In a study to determine the role of molasses in a high fat diet, it was found that molasses extract helps reduce body weight and fat by reducing the absorption of calories by the body.
Improves sexual health
Blackstrap molasses is rich in inorganic manganese, which helps in the production of sex hormones. It plays a vital role in the functioning of the nervous system, in the prevention of blood clots and in the production of energy from carbohydrates. A manganese deficiency can lead to infertility, general fatigue and weak bones.
Treats Constipation
Molasses has been shown to be valuable in treating constipation. Research on the effect of molasses on the treatment of constipation has shown that milk and molasses enemas are just as effective as the sodium phosphate enemas commonly used in pediatric wards.
Keeps bones healthy
According to a study, blackstrap molasses is a good source of calcium. Calcium plays a very important role in maintaining bone health, in the function of the enzyme system, in the removal of toxins and in the function of the cell membrane. It is also necessary to keep teeth healthy and protect the body from bone diseases that are common during menopause. In addition to healthier bones, the ability to contract muscle is also attributed to the presence of calcium in the body.
Anti-inflammatory properties
Molasses has been used effectively in the preparation of a medicine for the treatment of rheumatism and neuralgia. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of molasses make it a reliable ingredient in the treatment of such disorders.
Manages diabetes
Studies have shown that blackstrap molasses helps stabilize blood sugar levels. It has a moderate glycemic index and helps to slow down the metabolism of glucose and carbohydrates, which leads to lower production of insulin. It has a significant amount of the trace element chromium, which is valuable in relation to the action of insulin and the maintenance of glucose in the body.
Molasses contains the highest amount of chromium (0.266 mg / kg) compared to white sugar and brown sugar. A chromium deficiency can lead to diabetes. This can be a serious risk factor for chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, high blood cholesterol and other heart disorders.
Prevents hypokalemia
Molasses has a high content of potassium, which is required for the proper functioning of cells. Potassium also plays an important role in the contraction of nerves and muscles and helps maintain heart health. Adequate intake of foods rich in potassium, such as molasses, helps prevent disorders such as hypokalemia and lowers blood pressure.

Improves acne
The use of molasses helps in the treatment of acne. Contains lactic acid, which helps relieve the symptoms of acne. Lactic acid is produced by lactic acid bacteria and plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism. It is used as a natural and hypoallergenic way to treat acne and other skin disorders. In addition to molasses, lactic acid is also found in sour milk, apples and tomato juice.
Accelerates the healing process of the body
Molasses has been used due to its effects in the treatment of wounds and burns of the skin. It also promotes healthy tissue growth.
Increases the formation of red blood cells
According to recent research, molasses is extremely useful in the treatment of anemia. Helps absorb iron, form red blood cells and maintains a healthy immune system. Molasses is also rich in copper, which helps eliminate free radicals from the body. Copper and iron deficiency can lead to anemia, thyroid problems, heart arrhythmia and osteoporosis.
Maintains hemoglobin levels
The iron content of molasses helps maintain normal hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin plays a key role in supplying oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. It is also vital for energy production and boosting metabolism.
Promotes growth
Blackstrap molasses is sometimes used as a pregnancy tea due to the presence of iron, vitamin B (ie folic acid) and other essential minerals. Consumption of this tea during pregnancy provides calcium, which is required for the development of the baby.
Keeps the nervous system healthy
Molasses contains magnesium, which helps the nervous system function. It relaxes the nerves and blood vessels, balancing the volume of calcium. A magnesium deficiency in the body can lead to hypertension, muscle cramps, convulsions and general fatigue of the body.
Protects against headaches and fatigue
Blackstrap molasses is a good source of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. Deficiency of these vitamins can cause headaches, asthma, fatigue and anxiety. Eating molasses helps provide these essential vitamins and maintains good overall health.
Hair care
Molasses extract is good for hair and promotes healthy hair growth. Molasses moisturizes the hair and improves its texture while preventing premature aging and graying.

There are many ways in which you can use molasses.
Generally you can use it plain, throw it in coffee or tea, spread it on a slice of bread or toast or just in a glass of lukewarm water.
ΤηIn cooking
Molasses is quite popular, and more for its use in pastries such as pies, gingerbread and fruit cakes.
It is also used in the manufacture of rum, which is why rum as a beverage is very popular in areas where there is a large cultivation of sugar cane.
Molasses is usually included in desserts and sweet flavors and can be mixed with tea or coffee.
Iron reinforcement
1-2 tablespoons a day for people with anemia or related disorders.
For digestion
Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and manganese also make molasses beneficial for digestion. Some people who suffer from constipation are relieved by consuming 1-2 tablespoons of hot water every day. It is also a natural stool softener.
ΜαλλιάFor the hair
Blackstrap molasses contains copper which is important for hair growth. Used internally and externally, it can help improve hair growth and some people even report that they have helped reverse gray hair and restore its natural color when used regularly.
Dilute it with equal parts of water and apply it on the hair as a nourishing hair mask for 20 minutes. (Note: It will darken the hair a little for a while!)
✅Low sugar sweetener
Although blackstrap molasses is not extremely sweet, it can be a substitute for sugar or syrup in some recipes or it can be added to baked goods to enhance the nutritional profile. Use a 50:50 mixture with maple syrup as a sweetener.
How to use molasses
Molasses is of course not too sweet, but it has a surprisingly rich flavor that can add depth to many dishes.
Marinades: Two tablespoons of blackstrap is a great addition to a meat marinade and adds a slight hint of sweetness and a warm flavor.
Sauces: In vinaigrettes and sauces, a tablespoon or two adds great flavor.
Smoothies: A tablespoon or more does not usually change the taste of smoothies and is a great way to add nutrients.
Molasses also has a place in natural beauty treatments as it is ideal for skin and hair. It can be used to make an intensive moisturizing hair care mask or directly on the face as a natural face wash firming.

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