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  • Oregano - 450mg - 100 Vcaps

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Oregano - 450mg - 100 Vcaps

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Oregano - 450mg - 100 Vcaps
NOW® Oregano Capsules are from the genus Origanum vulgare commonly known as wild oregano. These capsules offer the quality and activity of pure Oregano in a convenient capsule form.

Wild oregano has a long list of ingredients. It is rich in volatile oils, sterols and flavonoids. Contains beta carotene, vitamin C, E, K, A, manganese, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, niacin, phosphorus and iron. It also contains lutein, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, pinene, limonene, ocimene, caryophyllin and ursolic and rosmarinic acid.

Wild oregano oil contains two main substances, carvacrol and thymol, to which its strong antioxidant and antibacterial actions are attributed. These two phenolic compounds work together, inhibiting the growth of many harmful bacteria.

Thanks to carvacrol, wild oregano can treat a number of infections and fungi, and certain diseases such as indigestion, candidiasis, diarrhea, insect bites and symptoms of bronchitis (mainly for its antispasmodic effects). Thymol can also help limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and Staphylococcus, and various fungal species such as Aspergillus and Cryptococcus.

Laboratory tests have shown the effectiveness of wild oregano against the protozoan parasite Giardia lamblia, greater than that of common prescription drugs. Flatulence is an intestinal infection that can cause acute diarrhea (watery stools), abdominal cramps, gas, flatulence, nausea or vomiting, and weight loss.

Wild oregano has been shown to have 42 times higher antioxidant activity than apples, 30 times higher than potatoes and 12 times higher than oranges.

As a dietary supplement: take 2 capsules daily, preferably with meals.

Each 2 capsules provide: Oregano Herb (Origanum vulgare) (Leaf): 900mg

Warning: Wild oregano is not intended for people with allergies to fennel and ginger.


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