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  • Oregano

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Oregano - 100g
It is used as a spice mainly in cooking but also as a decoction, which is mentioned as an excellent anti-cough.
It is used especially in the village salad. It is the main spice of the Mediterranean countries and a basic ingredient of Greek cuisine.
Greek Oregano is a perennial plant and its quality is considered one of the best in the world.
Oregano, in addition to the characteristic aroma and taste it gives to food, also has many medicinal properties, with the main (pharmaceutically known) active substance being carvacrol.
Wonderful perfume
Greek Product
In a wonderful package
Freshly ground
Product characteristics:
Product origin: Greek (Konitsa)

Packaging: Plastic food box that seals so that its aroma is not lost, but opens and closes easily for daily use.

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