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  • Bio Agave Syrup

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Bio Agave Syrup




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Agave syrup
A healthy alternative to sugar from the organic Agave plant with a very low glycemic index that allows you to enjoy a little sweetness without spiking your blood sugar, while combining very well with all dishes and drinks.
✅Biological product
✅Neutral taste
Packaging: 350g
✅Suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and those with lactose intolerance.
Agave nectar or syrup (agaves) comes from the agave, which is none other than the cactus plant from which we also get tequila.
Its positive element is that with a minimal amount of nectar you get the sweetness you want.
In the case of sugar, you would need 3 times as much.
It contains minerals and inulin (a prebiotic for gut health), which cannot be found in refined white sugar or synthetic sweeteners.
A healthy natural alternative for diabetic patients.
Agave nectar is sweeter than honey, but thanks to its low glycemic index, it does not cause sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels.
The glycemic index is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates in food on blood sugar levels.
A food with a high glycemic index raises blood sugar more than a food with a medium or low glycemic index.
Product: Spain
Nutritional information per 100g. Energy: 1312kj/309kcal - Proteins: 0g. – F. Ines: gr. – Carbohydrates: 77.20g. Of which sugars: 77.20g - Fat: 0g. Of which saturated: 0 gr- Salt: 0 gr.

How to incorporate agave syrup into my diet?
The syrup can actually be used as a substitute for sugar. Some ways to include it in our daily plan could be the following:
Replace the sugar in your daily coffee with agave syrup.
Find recipes for cakes, cereal bars and cookies that use agave syrup instead of sugar.
Make your favorite sweet and sour dishes based on agave syrup. For example sauce for your salad or for your chicken.
Enjoy the agave syrup alone on a crepe or homemade pancakes instead of burdening your plate with greasy pralines and heavy preparations.
Give your yogurt a sweet note by adding a little agave syrup and chopped fresh seasonal fruit.
When using it to replace sugar, for every one cup of sugar in the recipe, substitute ⅔ cup of agave syrup

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