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  • Bacteflora - 30 Capsules
  • Bacteflora - 30 Capsules

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Bacteflora - 30 Capsules

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BacteFlora - 30 Capsules
Probiotics are germs that are friendly to our body and are contained in food or dietary supplements, significantly benefiting our health. There are more than 400, they live in the intestine and are part of the "normal microflora".
Probiotics therefore belong to the "good" bacteria which when taken in sufficient quantities have beneficial effects on our health.
BacteFlora is a symbiotic dietary supplement with the following characteristics:
Probiotic strains: 4
Bacterial / capsule population: 10 billion
Inulin: a prebiotic fiber that reaches the intestine undigested and is used
as food by friendly bacteria.
Symbiotic product: The combination of probiotics and prebiotics is called symbiotic.
Notified to EOF
No. Notification: 86724 / 08-11-2016
Country of manufacture: Germany
Artificial sweets. substances
Genetically modified organisms
Dyes & fragrances

BacteFlora helps to protect and balance the intestinal flora.
The intestinal flora is a complex microbial ecosystem, with distinct biodiversity and significant biological activity. It consists of about 500 different friendly and pathogenic species of bacteria, with a total population of about 100,000 billion bacteria.
Balanced intestinal flora, dominated by friendly bacteria, helps maintain good health.
Why probiotics
Poor diet, modern lifestyle, use of antibiotics (either directly or indirectly, eg from the consumption of meat in animals in which antibiotics are used regularly), diarrhea, smoking, alcohol, contraceptives, chlorine in water, environmental pollution, mental and physical stress, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, aging and other factors contribute to the disturbance of the balance of the intestinal flora. However, there is a way to protect and restore the intestinal flora, mainly through the intake of probiotics and prebiotics.

BacteFlora contains inulin, a prebiotic dandelion fiber that reaches the intestine indigestible and is used as food by friendly bacteria, allowing them to increase in number.
The benefits of inulin for the human body are many, as it contributes to the absorption of calcium and magnesium, while also helping the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria, preventing the installation of pathogens. In addition, the use of inulin does not cause an increase in triglyceride levels and is considered a suitable substance for diabetics.

Benefits of taking probiotics and prebiotics
Protection of the intestinal flora from the use of antibiotics
Prevention and treatment of diarrhea from gastrointestinal infections,
use of antibiotics, "traveler's diarrhea" and other factors.
Relief from the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (colitis).
Relief of constipation, bloating, gas.
Strengthening defense mechanisms and natural immunity.
Reduction of lactose intolerance (dairy products) and other foods.
Reduction of high blood cholesterol.
Allergy relief and reduction of skin diseases.
Beneficial action in people suffering from vaginitis, stomatitis,
rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and respiratory problems.

1 capsule once a day or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.
Take after meals with plenty of water. In case of co-administration with antibiotic
to be taken at a distance of 3-4 hours.
The BacteFlora capsule can be opened and its contents mixed with water,
milk or fruit juice (not hot).
BacteFlora® is suitable for long-term use.

Suitable for use by people with food allergies and diabetics.

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