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  • Sea buckthorn - pure juice - 200ml
  • Sea buckthorn - pure juice - 200ml
  • Sea buckthorn - pure juice - 200ml

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Sea buckthorn - pure juice - 200ml

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Natural multivitamin juice 100% Sea buckthorn 200ml.
Full juice with all natural oils and substances.
Taste: Hypoxic - Exotic. Reminiscent of pineapple with lemon and orange.
Suitable for the whole family.
We cultivate sea buckthorn in Konitsa, Ioannina in a completely natural way.
We do not use pesticides!
We process the fruit in our fully equipped professional laboratory certified and controlled by the state.
We are equipped with all the necessary documents - licenses and our laboratory complies with all the specifications and principles of the HACCP system for Hygiene & Food Safety.
The processing of our products is done in a natural way to avoid the loss of vitamins.
We do not use preservatives!
With 1 to 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn juice every morning you give energy, toning and all the vitamins your body needs daily!
No preservatives, no sugar.
Does not contain additives.
The label contains all the information and instructions for use.
What is sea buckthorn?
Sea buckthorn is a multivitamin fruit. With 190 elements it is the best fruit - dietary supplement in the world! But the magic is that all its ingredients are contained in the right amounts and proportions between them, for better absorption by the body.
It is a natural product - Dynamite Health !!!
Therapeutic properties of sea buckthorn
1. Stimulation, well-being and energy, fast recovery and wound healing.
2. Strengthen the immune system, protect against cancer.
3. Protection and strengthening of the nervous system, reduction of stress.
4. Regulation of metabolism.
Treatment of prostate hyperplasia, liver disease, as well as gastrointestinal problems, such as ulcerative colitis, esophagitis, Crohn's disease.
6. Protection from cardiovascular problems, reduction of bad cholesterol and blood sugar, protection of blood vessels, enhancement of blood circulation.
7. Relief of menopausal symptoms, period pains and protection of the reproductive system.
8. Repair of tissues and cells after extensive exposure to radiation.
9. Preventive action against eye diseases, such as cataracts and macular degeneration.
10. Detoxification of the body, oxygenation and renewal of cells, treatment of premature aging.
11. Treatment of skin problems, such as acne, discoloration, eczema, burn, psoriasis, eczema.
Produced only from Greek fruit.

Dosage: From 1 to 2 tablespoons every morning, so each bottle is enough for 10 - 20 days - doses!
Product shelf life: Closed - 1 year out of the refrigerator. Once opened - 12 days in the refrigerator.
Each 200ml bottle contains 20 tablespoons of natural sea buckthorn juice.
* Leave for 2 hours between other herbs or medicines.

200ml juice of 100% Greek sea buckthorn that is enough for 10 - 20 days - doses!

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