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  • St. John's Wort Oil

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St. John's Wort Oil

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Balsam oil or spatula oil
Spatho oil, also known as balsam oil or balsam oil, has been known since antiquity for its many beneficial and healing properties. It is used both externally by applying to the skin and internally by ingestion.
Balsam oil is a mixture of balsam grass and olive oil, which is obtained by extraction (exanthosmia).

ΤάSuitable for outdoor & indoor use (drinking)

We prepare it in our handicraft with extra virgin olive oil and Epirus wild balm from a high altitude, away from pollutants and pesticides.

Balsam has been known since antiquity as a powerful herb to treat skin problems but also to strengthen the immune system. Today it is considered particularly effective for mental and neurological diseases. The most active ingredient in the herb is hyperforin, which has been the subject of much research worldwide. The only herb that contains a sufficient amount of hypericin is balsam and especially in the flowers of the herb.

In short, the benefits of spatholade:

Healing (internal & external)

ΝAntidepressant, sedative




Antifungal, digestive


.Sleeping wounds

See its benefits in more detail in the tab: Properties & benefits

Suitable for open wounds, it is used like iodine since it has antiseptic properties.

Also do not forget that it has a healing effect. Its name is not accidental and as a sword oil, since it healed deep wounds from swords in battle.

It is also noteworthy that it has both hemostatic and analgesic properties. As unbelievable as it sounds, the pain disappears in seconds. So miraculous for any hit of children.

Balsam oil is suitable for the whole family since in addition to the pain in the wounds, it also relieves the intense pains around the neck, but also the pains from arthritis and rheumatism.

Remember that it is the solution for hemorrhoids as well. Dissolve 25 drops of cypress essential oil in 50 ml of balsam oil and very often apply to the affected area with a cotton ball without rinsing.

Recommended for the following uses:

External use:
The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties of peppermint oil make it extremely effective for a wide range of ailments and problems such as: - Sciatica, back pain, rheumatic pains, joint pains - Muscle diseases, ligament diseases, ligaments, tendons, joints, tendons Cramps, colds, neuralgia - Inflammations, glands and other edemas, dropsy - Headaches, migraines, earaches - For all kinds of wounds - Injuries, bruises, eczema - Skin diseases, herpes, rashes, ulcers, rashes, ulcers, D (infants or the elderly) - Insect bites.

Internal Use:
It is also drinkable thanks to its excellent production process. Recommended for diseases and problems such as: - Ulcer, stomach aches, painful digestion - Gastro-oesophageal reflux - Sourness, heartburn - Intestinal pain, constipation - Irritable bowel syndrome (colitis).

Cosmetic Use:
Finally, the regenerative properties of peppermint oil also make it excellent as a cosmetic.
Recommended: - Especially for dry, sensitive, tired skin - As a base oil for the preparation of refreshing cosmetic creams - For any therapeutic or relaxing massage (can be enriched, if desired, with essential oils).


Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and are not a prescription.
Especially if you are taking medication or have health problems, consult your doctor before taking it.

Do not use the product by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Internal Use:
Drink 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach (preferably in the morning or evening) and whenever there is a problem.

External use:
We apply smears or light abrasions to the problem area.
We can also apply local patches with a soaked gauze and wrap it with a waterproof film.

Cosmetic Use:
Apply well on the skin with gentle movements. You can use it at regular intervals as a night cream, spreading on clean skin and including the eye area.
The results are up to spectacular!
If you again enjoyed the caresses of the sun more than you should and your skin "pulls" or is red, the evening therapeutic treatment with spatula oil is ideal for immediate relief.

For hemorrhoids:
Remember that it is the solution for hemorrhoids as well. Dissolve 25 drops of CYPRUS essential oil in 50 ml of balsam oil and very often apply to the affected area with a cotton ball without rinsing.

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