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  • Schweden Bitter - The original herbal elixir
  • Schweden Bitter - The original herbal elixir
  • Schweden Bitter - The original herbal elixir

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Schweden Bitter - The original herbal elixir

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Schweden Bitter
Elixir mixture of herbs that protects, stimulates, activates the body.
Schweden Bitter which is pronounced "Swedish Bitter" and means "Swedish Bitter" was widely used in Central Europe, while even today its effectiveness against many diseases causes the scientific search for the secret of this botanical mixture.
Original Schweden Bitter contains herbs that are not cultivated, are hand-picked by collectors and are contained in the formula in percentage according to the recipe and not according to their value.
It is the only bitter that has been deposited, accepted and recognized in the Austrian State Chemistry with the term "ORIGINAL".
With reference no. 3001371/150 of 27/01/2006 certificate of the Hellenic CGK is legally circulated in our country as well.
Original Schweden Bitter is made in the Austrian Riviera, by the company of the same name "RIVIERA".
The company founded by Robert Schrenk in 1923
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Schweden Bitter is a carefully balanced blend of herbs, prepared in pure alcohol without any sweetener.
This produces a bitter but pleasant, aromatic drink.
It is not only suitable for oral use but is also highly effective when applied externally.
It is 38% ABV, in a medicinal glass bottle to protect the valuable contents, with an expiry date and batch number.
It clearly does not contain any chemicals and is a 100% natural product.
Origin: Austria
Ingredients: Wormwood, gentian root, angelica root, reed root, potentilla root, myrrh, dandelion root, caraway root, zentoria root, walnut leaf, valerian root, cinnamon bark, cardamom, nutmeg flavor, water, alcohol 38%, natural caramel flavor (E150a).
The original herbal elixir.
Drinking or externally.
It strengthens the brain and memory.
Removes melancholy, depression, lameness and relieves dizziness and malaise.
Against nervous insomnia.
Helps the eyes with spots and cataracts.
It removes inflammation and heals the throat from inflammations.
For rashes and eczema of all kinds, as well as dry skin
For toothache, tongue blisters or other oral problems.
For earaches or tinnitus.
Improves appetite and digestion.
Excellent for stomach disorders and digestive disorders.
For stomach cramps, colic, gas, bowel problems and cases of constipation.
Soothes liver and gall bladder pains.
Soothes hemorrhoids, heals the kidneys, rids the body of all unnecessary fluids.
Helps to heal scars, old wounds and cuts. Also any kind of fistula, burn, swelling and bruise.
Suitable for rheumatic pains, frostbite in hands or feet and calluses.
Strengthens the body, stimulates the nerves and blood, removes trembling hands and feet. In short, it removes any disease. The body remains flexible, the face young and beautiful.

Preventive: 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 in the evening.

For something more serious: 1 tablespoon, morning, noon and evening.

* Consume it plain or diluted in water, juice or tea.

CAUTION: Half an hour before and half an hour after taking, avoid consuming dairy products.

external use
Soak a cotton ball or gauze and apply to the affected area. Optionally, before we can cover the area with arnica ointment. (See the ointment HERE)

Then cover the area with plastic wrap and then with a bandage.

The compress should stay in the area for at least 2 hours or if tolerated, even overnight.


1. Eliminates headaches and dizziness, strengthens the brain and memory with frequent inhalations or infusions of the base of the skull or with a compress on the head.

2. Helps weak eyes and eliminates redness and any pain even in cases of inflammation. It frees them from spots and waterfall. Moisturize the corners of the eyes from time to time or place an impregnated cloth on the closed eyelids.

3. Purulent rashes and eczema of any kind, as well as dry skin, are cured if moisturized often and well.

4. For the toothache, hold a tablespoon in the mouth for a while with a little water or moisten the aching tooth. The pain soon subsides and the sepsis disappears.

5. Blisters on the tongue or other oral problems heal quickly with frequent moisturizing.

6. If the throat is burning or inflamed and swallowing is difficult, swallow S. B. slowly in the morning, noon and evening. Removes inflammation and heals the throat.

7. For stomach cramps a tablespoon.

8. For colic we take slowly, one after the other, three tablespoons and soon we will feel relief.

9. Relieves the body of gas and calms the liver. Eliminates any problems of the intestines and stomach and helps in cases of constipation.

10. An excellent remedy for stomach disorders and digestive disorders.

11. Beneficial for gallbladder pain. A tablespoon daily morning and evening, compresses at night and soon any pain will subside.

12. For drip a tablespoon of white wine, morning and night for six weeks.

13. For pains or tinnitus of the ears, place a cotton ball soaked in the ear. It is very beneficial and restores hearing loss.

14. For morning sickness a tablespoon of red wine in the morning, for three days, half an hour later a walk and then breakfast, but no milk. S. B. should not be taken before or after milk.

15. In the last 14 days of pregnancy a spoonful morning and night promotes childbirth.

16. If after childbirth the milk is cut and inflammation occurs, it subsides quickly if we apply compresses.

17. Free from worms, even from tapeworm, children and adults. The dose given to children is proportional to their age. A damp cloth is placed on the navel and kept moist.

18. Heals children's pimples. We give the children S. B. according to their age, diluted with water. When the pimples start to wither, we often moisten them with S. B. and there are no marks left.

19. For jaundice (jaundice) any complaint will disappear very soon if a tablespoon is administered three times a day and compresses are placed on the swollen liver.

20. Relieves hemorrhoids, heals the kidneys, rids the body of all excess fluids, removes melancholy and depression and improves appetite and digestion.

21. Hemorrhoids shrink and soften if moisturized frequently and if S. B. is taken internally, especially before bedtime. A soaked cotton is applied topically. It helps circulated blood circulate and relieves burning.

22. If someone has fainted open his mouth if necessary, give him a spoonful of S. B. and he will recover.

23. This elixir relieves you from the pain of convulsions (cramps).

24. For depression you take it daily, in the morning on an empty stomach and continue the treatment for six weeks.

25. If menstruation has stopped or is excessive, the woman takes the elixir for three days and repeats the treatment 20 times.

26. This elixir also cures leukorrhea.

27. If someone suffers from an epileptic seizure he should be given the elixir on the spot and continue the treatment because it strengthens the nerves as well as the body and relieves him of any disease.

28. Cures lameness and relieves dizziness and malaise.

29. It also cures rashes and erysipelas.

30. If someone has a fever and is very weak we give him a tablespoon and the patient, if he is not overloaded with other drugs, will recover soon, the pulse will return and the fever, no matter how high, will fall.

31. S. B. also cures the signs of smallpox, moles and chapped hands. If the wound is old or purulent or malformed, wash it well with white wine and place a cloth dipped in the elixir.

32. Heals without side effects any kind of wound, tear or blow, if frequently moistened with S. B. A piece of cloth is impregnated with the elixir and covers the wound immediately. It takes pain quickly, prevents bruises or sepsis. It also heals bullet wounds. If there are holes, sprinkle the wound with the elixir without necessarily having to clean it beforehand. With repeated attacks of soaked sails, healing comes soon.

33. Removes scars, even old wounds and cuts, if we moisturize them at least 40 times with the elixir. All wounds close and leave no marks ..

34. It cures all kinds of fistulas, even those that seem incurable, no matter how old.

35. Heals any burns and scalding whether caused by fire, hot water or grease, if moisturized frequently. No blisters form and even purulent blisters heal.

36. It is effective against swelling and bruises, whether they come from a blow or a fall.

37. If one has lost his appetite, the elixir restores the lost taste.

38. In case of anemia it restores the lost color if taken in the morning for a period of time. It cleanses the blood, creates new blood and promotes circulation.

39. Rheumatic pains in the extremities are relieved if the elixir is taken morning and night and compresses are applied to the aching limbs.

40. It cures frostbite on the hands or feet, even when open, if compresses are applied as often as possible and especially at night.

41. Apply an impregnated cotton to the calluses and keep it moist. After three days the calluses fall off on their own or can be removed without pain.

42. It also cures the bites of raging dogs or other animals, if taken internally after it cures and destroys any venom. An impregnated cloth is also applied to the wounds.

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