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  • Chocolate 100% cocoa

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Chocolate 100% cocoa




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Chocolate 100% cocoa
The finest blend of grains in South America.

It is prepared with care, courtesy and knowledge to give us the most valuable chocolate bar of all, Vannucci Cocoa Pasta 100%!

100% Cocoa
Gluten free
Suitable for Diabetics
Ideal for nutrition (Ketogenic or weight loss)
See its benefits in the tab: PROPERTIES & BENEFITS

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The chocolate queen!
The most exquisite blend of grains in South America, processed for 72 hours with care, courtesy and knowledge, gives us the most valuable chocolate bar of all, the Vannucci Cocoa Pasta 100%! Suitable for diabetics as it does not contain the addition of artificial or other natural sweeteners, retains all the valuable beneficial ingredients of cocoa that shield the body, give well-being and activate the metabolism! Allow a small piece to slowly melt on the back of the tongue to enjoy to the maximum the complex aromas of fruits and spices. Vannucci 100% Cocoa Paste is a must for everyone and an object of desire for chocolate lovers. Insurmountable.

Cocoa: a treasure trove of beneficial ingredients
In 2004, the Chocolate Symposium was held in Washington, DC, under the auspices of four American universities (including Harvard);
Methylxanthines: these substances are muscle relaxants and stimulate heart activity. They increase the levels of attention and the ability to concentrate, stimulate the muscular system and reduce the feeling of hunger.
Phenylethylamine: This substance enhances the effects of dopamine and delays the feeling of fatigue.
Anandamine: this is a neurotransmitter, which is produced inside the brain cells and has psychotropic effects. It is considered "antistress", with properties similar to and auxiliary to those of endorphins. It has antioxidant, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and stimulates the immune system.
The presence of already known substances was also confirmed. These are: Polyphenols, Tannins, Flavonoids (epicatechin…): good antioxidants. They improve blood circulation (stimulating the function of the biological system), enhancing the tone and elasticity of the vascular walls and act as shields in degenerative diseases (mainly in cardiovascular diseases).
In addition to cocoa:
· It does not contain cholesterol, on the contrary it reduces LDL.
· It does not cause caries because it contains Tannins (which act as inhibitors in the growth of bacteria), Fluorite (strengthens the structure of the teeth), Phosphorus (modifies the change of acids resulting from the metabolism of sugars).
· Not contraindicated in case of colitis (the presence of Tannins reduces intestinal contractions and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome).
· Contains more iron than red meat and eggs.
· It is digestible (the cocoa mass does not remain in the stomach for more than an hour or two).
· Not contraindicated in case of Diabetes (the presence of Polyphenols offers high sensitivity and low insulin resistance).
Finally, cocoa contains many nutrients (sugar, fats, proteins, vitamins, trace elements) properly balanced, just as the modern science of Dietetics recommends.

Consume at least 30gr. from Vannucci 100% Cocoa Paste: 10gr. after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner (up to 100g / day, as part of a slightly low calorie diet).

Try it at room temperature. Vannucci 100% Cocoa Paste should not be chewed but dissolved slowly, left on the palate, in order to avoid the initial feeling of dryness and to emerge its complex aromas. This prolongs the flavors of bittersweet, fruit and spices which come into balance from the mild acid mixed with an aroma that lasts for several minutes, leaving a pleasant, aromatic and well-defined taste.

Nutritional elements per 100gr. Energy: 2509kj / 600kcal - Proteins: 12gr. - F. fibers: 18gr. - Carbohydrates: 5.4gr. Of which sugars: 0.3g - Fat: 55gr. Of which saturated: 33gr - Salt *: 0.03gr.
* The salt content is due to the natural presence of Sodium in cocoa

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