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  • Koumarias Organic Honey 450g

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Koumarias Organic Honey 450g

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Koumarias Organic Honey 450g
It will make you "bitter" but it offers many vitamins and trace elements.
It is a honey that comes from the most beautiful plants of the Greek land.
What makes it even more important according to Hippocrates therapeutic is its medicinal property due to the coumarin it contains, which you use as a blood anticoagulant and helps with thrombosis.
✅Biological product
Taste: Bitter
Color: Brown
Harvest Area: Leonidio
Collection Period: April

Its crystallization occurs quickly and is its natural property, but it is restored if you place the package in hot water up to 50ºC.
It is a source of food for the bees during their maintenance months and a strong protective shield for the human body.
Bee products promote health and beauty as their healing properties are extremely important and contribute to longevity.
Today, Greek honey is in the first place, as the best in quality in the whole world and this is due to the rich Greek beekeeping flora, which allows the bees to create honey varieties rich in ingredients.

The tradition of the A. A. Dimakopoulos family in the field of beekeeping begins around 1957, in Stemnitsa, Arkadia.
Place of origin of the family and the beginning of the beekeeping activity, in the rich bee pastures it has, initially out of curiosity for their wonderful society and then professionally.
This care and dedication passed from the father to the sons at an early age and thus the experience became a love and passion that develops into hard but also quality work.
Today, the beekeepers of the family, using natural-biological methods, produce honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, wax and all the natural and necessary products of bees for humans.
The transport of the bees to various regions throughout Greece, allows the collection of honey from different beehives and flowers, creating authentic flavors and a natural pharmacy that protects the human body.

Crystallization is a natural process and does not mean that the honey has lost its beneficial properties.
"Saccharification", as the process is colloquially called, is due to the condensation of the natural glucose molecules that honey contains in combination with humidity and temperature, when crystals are created.
The factors that determine the speed of crystallization are the glucose content of the honey, the moisture (water content), the presence of microparticles in the honey (pollen, wax residues) and the storage temperature.
In general, the more glucose, the less moisture a honey contains and the lower the temperature, the faster it will crystallize.
The temperature of 14 °C is the most favorable for crystallization.
Also, unfiltered honey will crystallize faster, as the particles it contains act as crystallization nuclei.

Not all types of honey have the same reaction to moisture.
Primarily, flower honeys are the ones that can be sugared more easily, as they have a higher glucose content.
On the other side, the honey from coniferous trees is the one that is more difficult to sweeten.

Even if the crystals do appear, there is a way to make them disappear.
1. First, close the lid of the package very well and transfer it into a deep pot, so that the entire jar can fit inside.
2. Next, add water to the pot to just below the height of the jar lid.
3. Heat the water to 45-50 °C
4. Leave it for about 20 minutes in the bain-marie.
5. With a towel, open the lid of the jar. When the crystals have disappeared and the honey has a thick texture again, then it is ready. If there are still crystals in the honey, then leave it in the bain-marie for a while longer.

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