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  • Salepi of Greek collectors - 100gr

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Salepi of Greek collectors - 100gr

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Salepi 100% - 100gr

Genuine salepi without added cornflower, sugar, cinnamon.

The common name "salepi" refers to the dust that comes from the bulbs of a species of wild orchid that thrives in the mountainous areas of Greece.

Salepi: A super drink to stimulate the body

Salepi, whose scientific name is testicle, is used to stimulate patients during their recovery.

The drink produced acts against dysentery and whooping cough with inflammation. Salepi comes from the drying and pulverization of the bulb of a plant, which was known many centuries ago in Greece, but also in the wider area of ​​the eastern Mediterranean, under the name Orchis (Orchis mascula, of the Orchid family). It was attributed aphrodisiac properties, which is why it passed into the popular tradition as Sernikovotano. The herb that gave male children to women! Indeed, if we manage to extract a whole plant from the Earth, then we will find that instead of a root, it has two approximately equal-sized tubers, which look like testicles.

The tubers are dried, ground and from their powder this wonderful decoction is made, which "delights both the mouth and the soul", as the old people used to say. And they knew with their simple wisdom that it also offers wonderful benefits to the body.

Today it is a drink that returns to the forefront both for its exquisite taste and for its healing properties.

Contains arabine, tragacanth, a lot of starch and precious minerals: phosphorus and calcium. It contains a sticky substance, basar, which when boiled with water, gives this excellent emollient against coughs and all diseases of the chest, but also the stomach and intestines.

Its heating properties are mainly due to the starch-lubrication contained in the bulb, but it can be perfectly replaced by other starch-lubricating materials of nature as we will see below, having the same results in our body as well as similar indulgence as this. which the salepi traditionally gives. Salepi can be a weapon in the outbreak of seasonal viruses.

Its healing properties
These orchids and their healing properties were mentioned by Hippocrates, Asclepius, Theophrastus and Galen, emphasizing the power of the herbivore to stimulate the body of patients, to heal wounds of the stomach and intestine but also to relieve cough.

Salepi has healing properties because it contains the drugs arabine and tragacanth and a lot of starch which, when dissolved in water, form a liquid thick and sticky, it is considered suitable for relieving cough, asthma and stomach pain, acts against dysentery and cough, while significantly boosting the immune system.

Salepi, due to its sticky nature, has a healing effect on the walls of the digestive tract. Heals ulcers in the stomach and intestines. Salepi is also a warming drink because of the spices it contains. For this reason it can be used to warm us effectively instead of tea or other teas.

It is rich in starch and can give energy and spiritual clarity to people who need it such as students, the elderly and the sick. Contains precious minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. Helps debilitated disease organisms to recover and recover faster.

It contains a sticky substance, basar, which when boiled with water, turns into a sticky thickening substance, emollient, against cough and inflammation. Salepi due to its sticky nature and its healing ingredients affects the stomach and intestine by regenerating the walls of the digestive system.

Salepi has no special calories. The simple sugar-free salepi has about 15 calories per serving.

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