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  • Diktamo

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What the tradition says:

Its name comes from Mount Dikti where it used to be abundant. In Minoan Crete it was one of the most important medicinal plants. Hippocrates used them against diseases of the stomach and digestive system as well as against rheumatic and arthritic pains.

Theophrastus in his work "On Plant Stories" writes that dittany is a plant that grows only in Crete. Tradition has it that when the ibex ate Diktamos, when it was wounded by hunters' arrows, their arrow fell immediately.

It is a hard-to-find plant, one of the most important honeydew, especially known for its soothing action against pain. It is located only on the steepest rocks of the mountains of Crete and at an altitude of about 1400 meters. Four of its related species grow in some Aegean islands and in some mountains of Southern Greece. The natural dittany is a rare find and its collection is extremely difficult. It has been cultivated in recent years, but the final product is more like thyme than wild dittany. Useful parts are its fluffy heart-shaped leaves and its violet flowering tops.

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What are its properties?
Used in scurvy and intermittent fever

Relieves headache and toothache

Digestive stimulant
Soothes from stomach ache and colitis

It is known for its healing properties. It is also recommended for removing germs from the oral cavity and fighting bad breath. It is also recommended for certain skin diseases

Other properties
Diuretic, cholagogue, emmenagogue, hemostatic, reported to help with nervous disorders

Are there any side effects?
Its use may cause termination of pregnancy in pregnant women, but interest rates are reported to facilitate childbirth

How can we incorporate it into our diet?
As a decoction
As an infusion
Chewing the leaves
As an essential oil in the distillery

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