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  • Tincture of Hawthorn

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Tincture of Hawthorn

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Tincture of Hawthorn
The herb of the heart and not only since It is mainly used for cardiac and circulatory disorders and especially for angina pectoris.
Western herbalists consider it literally "food of the heart", which improves blood flow to the heart muscle and restores normal heart rhythm.
✅Packaging: 50ml with dropper
Hawthorn is extremely beneficial for the human body and we can consume it in many ways. But if we want to get concentrated its benefits, then you should use its tincture.
The herbal drops of hawthorn are the extract of its fruits that provide the body with its beneficial properties directly and more effectively.
They retain all their active ingredients.
They are simple to take and completely natural.
It is considered one of the best and most effective ways to use herbs.

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Its main medicinal effect is due to the bioflavonoids it contains. These ingredients relax and dilate the arteries, especially the coronary artery. This increases blood flow to the heart muscles. Bioflavonoids are also powerful antioxidants that help prevent or reduce the degeneration of blood vessels.
Stimulates the walls of blood vessels and the heart muscle. Improving myocardial contractility. It is given in the initial phase of heart failure and ischemia. Clinical trials have proven that it helps in idiopathic hypertension as well as in that due to arteriosclerosis. The use of hawthorn extends to tachycardia and heart arrhythmias.
✅It seems strange that Hawthorn can help with problems of hypertension as well as hypotension. This is due to the dual action of the herb that normalizes heart function. That is, in its ability to relax or stimulate the heart, depending on what is needed.
Strengthening the contraction of the heart muscle helps with hypotension problems but the parallel ability of the herb to cause dilation of the vessels of the coronary circulation helps with hypertension problems.
Therapeutic actions and uses
✅It is an excellent cardio tonic. It opens the coronary arteries, improving blood supply to the heart muscle. Thus, the heart becomes stronger and beats more forcefully and satisfactorily. It normalizes the heartbeat, which is vital for the proper functioning of the heart.
✅It widens the blood vessels in other parts of the body, allowing the blood to circulate more freely, with less pressure on the heart.
✅Reduces cholesterol
✅Helps to treat arrhythmias, tachycardia, hypertension and hypotension
✅It acts against the symptoms of menopause
✅It is antispasmodic, soothing and effective in combating insomnia due to nervous overexertion, since it reduces the hot flashes of the nervous system.
✅In combination with ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), it is used to strengthen bad memory.
✅It is an antioxidant
✅Protects against arteriosclerosis
✅As a long-term treatment it can be used safely, in cases of heart failure or weakness
✅ Act preventively to maintain heart health
✅It has a wide range of application as a neurotonic. It can be used for all stress reactions, for emotional tension and anxiety, helps improve mood in case of depression and soothes nerve pains
✅Improves blood circulation inside the head and therefore increases the amount of oxygen in the brain.
✅Invigorates in case of fatigue

Dosage: 10 - 20 herbal drops in a glass of water, 2 times a day.
Recommended use at least one month.
Content: about 1150 drops.
Sufficient for: About 1 month (with a dosage of 40 drops per day).
The above presentation of the plant is in no way a prescription.

The information given about the herbs and their properties has been drawn from books, botanical literature and research.

Expert advice is essential before using the plant, especially if you belong to a vulnerable group or take medication.

Do not use herbs during pregnancy, or in combination with other drugs or even supplements without the opinion of a specialist.

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