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  • Tar or tar for skin diseases
  • Tar or tar for skin diseases

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Tar or tar for skin diseases

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Natural Distrato tar
It is considered extremely healing in skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and fungal infections.
It is also used to treat oily hair, hair loss, dry skin and to heal all kinds of wounds.
✅Fungal infections
✅ΠαSkin diseases
✅Wound healing
What is tar?
It is a thick, oily black liquid, with a very strong characteristic odor, which is produced by the specialized combustion of the torch. The dadi (Vlach janta) is the inner part, that is, the heart of the old resinous pines that thrive on stony and dry soils.
Historical data:
Tar was produced at least in Epirus and Western Macedonia, especially in Distrato. Distrato, formerly Briaza, is a Vlach village at the foot of Smolikas and Vasilitsa, at an altitude of a thousand meters.
Distratiotes until the mid-1970s were the exclusive producers and owners of tar, hence the nickname ″ katranades ″
In recent years, an attempt has been made to revive the production of the traditional product by K. Paganias Konstantinos (former Common Leader of Distratos) and the result is this excellent product.
Where did they use it?
The main buyers were the breeders who used the tar for the healing and healing of the wounds of the animals as well as for the effective repulsion of the insects that were the main carriers of the transmission of zoonoses and human diseases. According to modern experts, the tar could still be used today to prevent bluetongue as rubbing it with tar would effectively repel mosquitoes that carry and transmit the disease.

The second category of buyers were the pharmaceutical companies that used it for the preparation of medicines and ointments to fight skin diseases, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, as well as to treat wounds from chronic bed sores.

The third category of buyers were the manufacturers of ships and other marine structures as tar is a strong waterproof lubricant and sealant.

Now where is it used?
It is a traditional product against fungi and bacteria, perfect for antiseptic, fungal infection, eczema, psoriasis, skin diseases, wounds and abrasions.

The use of tar on the skin when done regularly, effectively enhances the protective functions of the skin.

It is also used as an ingredient in the production of soaps and waxes.

Way of use:
Put on the affected area 2 times a day and let it dry.

Rinse with warm soapy water or alcohol.

CAUTION: Do not use for prolonged periods of time or during pregnancy and lactation.

Product characteristics:
Color: Dark brown to black.

Texture: Thick and sticky, almost oily liquid.

Odor: Very strong and characteristic smell of burnt wood.

Product origin: Greek (Distrato Konitsa)

Packaging: 10ml or 50ml with built-in brush on the lid.

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