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  • BaoBab - Powder - Bio

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BaoBab - Powder - Bio


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BaoBab powder - Bio
The baobab is known as the "Tree of Life"

Net weight: 500gr
Packaging: Very practical, which keeps the contents fresh and allows you to open & close it multiple times.

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The "King" of superfoods comes from Africa.

The baobab tree is known as the "Tree of Life" and has been loved by locals across the African continent for centuries.

Its benefits are many and it is considered as the ultimate superfood for health and wellness.

Baobab fruit is said to have three times the vitamin C of an orange, 50% more calcium than spinach and a good supply of antioxidants (six times the amount of blueberries).

It has a hard shell like a walnut and a white powdery pulp. Some say it tastes like a combination of pineapple and melon. Why add it to your daily diet: Rejuvenation

It is very high in vitamin C and malic acid, It helps in the proper metabolism of the foods we consume, and in their efficient conversion into energy.

Strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin C and prebiotic fiber in Baobab strengthen your immune system. It promotes a healthy digestive system.

It has a high content of digestive enzymes and prebiotics that enhance the growth of probiotic bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.

Healthy nervous system.
Rich in potassium, which is essential for the nervous system, especially if you drink coffee, soft drinks such as cola or alcohol and if you eat foods high in sodium.

Optimizes iron intake.
The presence of vitamin C in combination with iron in Baobab powder is particularly effective in increasing iron in your body.

Provides assistance in the healing and prevention of stomach disorders.

Relieves swollen foot syndrome, varicose veins and hemorrhoids

Excellent food and suitable for diabetics.

It strengthens the flora and consequently the function of the intestine, it is rich in soluble (22.54%) and insoluble (22.04%) fiber.

Suitable for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Nutritional elements per 100gr.: Energy: 1064kj / 266kcal - Proteins: 2.20gr. - Fibers: 43gr. - Carbohydrates: 42gr. Of which sugars: 27.3 0g - Fats: 0.10gr. Of which saturated: 0.04gr Salt: 0.01gr

You can enjoy Baobab powder very easily in various ways such as:

Mix it with water, fruit juices or herbal drinks.

Baobab with a taste reminiscent of lemonade, can become a very refreshing drink.

Add it to yogurt or smoothies for an antioxidant-rich snack.

Mix it with cereal or muesli.

You can add it to any recipe for pancakes, waffles, pastries or desserts.

Mix it with hot drinks, such as tea and use it in marinades and sauces.

It is recommended 10-15 gr. per day, an amount that you can increase or decrease according to your personal needs.

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