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  • Buckwheat Flour Bio

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Buckwheat Flour Bio

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Buckwheat Flour Bio
Biological product

Net weight: 700gr
Packaging: Very practical, which keeps the contents fresh and allows you to open & close it multiple times.

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Buckwheat, also known as buckwheat, is a cereal that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its high nutritional value.

Buckwheat is rich in complex carbohydrates while buckwheat flour is widely used by those who are intolerant to gluten, as it can be used in many recipes instead of common flour. Buckwheat contains proteins, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins such as zinc, copper, and niacin.

It contains high levels of rutin, a flavonoid, which studies show could reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by preventing blood clots from forming.

Source of digestible proteins
Buckwheat is an alternative source of protein, which makes it an excellent meat substitute and a favorite food of vegetarians and vegans alike.

Fat substitute
Buckwheat starch is an alternative source of fat in processed foods.

It does not cause allergies
It is a pseudo-cereal, the consumption of which does not cause allergies like other superfoods.

Reduces blood pressure
Buckwheat sex is rich in routine. Routine is a flavonoid that reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, strengthens the walls of arteries and helps treat high blood pressure. Its consumption can help treat headaches, while it is also beneficial for the kidneys.

It can help manage diabetes
Recent studies suggest that buckwheat may help manage the symptoms of diabetes because it is a low glycemic index food. According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the glycemic index of buckwheat is 54, which means that it slowly releases its nutrients into the blood.

Facilitates digestion
Buckwheat has a neutral taste, increases bowel movements and causes satiety.

Improves digestive health
Buckwheat relieves the symptoms of chronic diarrhea and is effective in treating dysentery. It does not contain gluten, which makes it ideal for people with stomach disorders.

It is free of chemicals
Cultivation of buckwheat does not require many pesticides or chemicals, which makes it pure and high quality food.

Frequent consumption of buckwheat reduces retention and bloating and helps to detoxify the body.

Biological product
Nutritional elements per 100gr. Energy: 1530kj / 361kcal - Proteins: 11.7gr. - F. fibers: 3.6gr. - Carbohydrates: 70.7g. Of which sugars: 0.40 g - Fats: 2.7g. Of which saturated: 0.50 gr- Salt: 0.00gr.

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