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  • Ceylon Cinnamon - 10ml

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Ceylon Cinnamon - 10ml

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Ceylon Cinnamon essential oil – 10ml
The warm aroma of cinnamon leaf (Ceylon) oil is thought to create a sense of security and balance and is therefore used against anxiety and exhaustion.
Packaging: 10ml
✅Biological Product
✅Drinkable oil provided that it will be diluted in some vegetable oil such as olive oil, almond oil, other drinkable base oil or food/sweet.
His contact with our organization is achieved in 3 ways:
1. By absorbing it through the skin. (cosmetic use)
2. Through the sense of smell. (aromatherapy)
3. With its absorption by the body. (as a drink)
Each essential oil contains the components of the plant in a high concentration, which is why they need care when using them.
They always need to be mixed with some vegetable oil such as olive oil, almond oil, another drinkable base oil or food/sweet.
The organic essential oil of Cinnamon (Ceylon) is obtained from the leaves of the tree (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) through the process of steam distillation.
Special Features: Organic Cinnamon (Ceylon) essential oil is a slightly yellow to amber liquid. It has a characteristic spicy, warm aroma and the main ingredient is eugenol. Also, organic Cinnamon (Ceylon) essential oil from leaves is milder than the essential oil produced from the bark of the same tree.
Cosmetic applications: Organic Cinnamon (Ceylon) essential oil is considered antibacterial and anti-infectious and is therefore added to anti-infective products such as bronchitis or other upper respiratory tract diseases in the pharmaceutical sector.
Additionally, cinnamon essential oil is also used by athletes as an additive to massage oils as it is said to relax muscles. With the help of the spicy note of organic cinnamon leaf (Ceylon) essential oil, the cosmetics industry can create interesting additions to products such as creams, mouthwashes or perfumes.
In aromatherapy, the warm aroma of cinnamon leaf (Ceylon) oil is thought to create a sense of security and balance and is therefore used against anxiety and exhaustion.
Food applications: The organic essential oil of Cinnamon (Ceylon) can be added to ice creams, sweets, baked goods, soups to get its distinct and characteristic taste.

Dosage: 2 to 4 drops per day dissolved in 1 teaspoon vegetable oil such as olive oil, almond oil, other drinkable base oil or food/sweet.
CAUTION: Do not use undiluted.
General uses of essential oils
*Each essential oil may vary in dosage or use
For dull skin, add 2-3 drops of essential oil to boiling water to detoxify the skin and dilate the pores, thus preparing the skin for cleansing.
For respiratory problems, flu and chest ailments, add 2-6 drops of essential oil to a liter of hot water and inhale for about a minute.
One of the most beautiful applications of essential oils is their slow evaporation when heated in water in a simple clay diffuser. They clean the space from germs, acting as disinfectants and antiseptics, from smoke and any negative energy. Furthermore, by inhaling their aroma, they have a relaxing and toning effect, depending on the oil we use.
Water has many beneficial properties. With a few drops of essential oils, an immediate beneficial effect is achieved internally, by inhaling, externally on the skin as well as on the vascular system. Pour 0-15 drops of essential oils into a full bathtub, and 6-12 drops into a small or half-full bathtub. The time spent in the bathtub should not exceed 20 minutes
In a basin with 3-5 kg of water, pour 6-8 drops of essential oils. A warm foot bath is recommended in winter for cold feet and cool foot baths for swollen and tired feet. Foot baths have reflective effects on the body through reflective zones.
Similarly, foot baths reflexively benefit the whole body
In 1-2 liters of water, add 4-5 drops of essential oils. With a linen cloth or cotton we make compresses:
Hot: for gynecological problems, rheumatism, nerve pain, cervical.
cool: for headaches, varicose veins, swelling, irritated skin and inflammation.
In 100ml of distilled water, add 20-30 drops of essential oils. Leave for 7-12 days in a dark place and then filter it. It is used in dermatitis, skin stimulation, eczema and irritations
In pure alcohol we add essential oils preferably.
In cold tea without sugar or tea with honey or cold juice, we add essential oils in an amount recommended for internal intake by a qualified therapist.
In 100 gr. Vegetable oil (base), add 10 drops of essential oil. Choose the right base and essential oils to mix, according to its properties.
About 6 drops of essential oils in the rinse for hair loss, dandruff, weak hair, scalp conditions.

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