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  • Chios mastic powder

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Chios mastic powder

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Chios Mastic powder - 30g
100% natural mastic without impurities, without additives, without chemicals
Gluten free
No allergic reactions
The use of mastic since ancient times was very widespread.

With the purchase of each package of this category of mastic, we also send a dosing spoon so that you always get the right dose.
Mastic is a natural resin that comes out of the trunk of the mastic tree.

It has a pale yellow color and is translucent.

See its benefits in the tab: Properties & benefits

See how to use it in the tab: How to use

From time immemorial, mastic has been used for medicinal purposes. Many ancient writers refer to the healing properties of mastic.

Mastic can be used:

As a natural medicine,
As "aromatic" in food, sweets.
As a dietary supplement (superfood)
Today mastic is used as chewing gum, with beneficial effects on dental hygiene.

In the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumes, in lithography, painting, distillery, textile, cotton, industry.

In dentistry for the strengthening of the gums and the antiseptic of the mouth.

Mastic is also used successfully in cooking and confectionery.

In recent years it is used again in Pharmacy and Medicine for the treatment of diabetes, cholesterol, and especially stomach ache.

At a medical conference (Athens 1999) it was announced that mastic, in addition to its other beneficial properties, also cures stomach ulcers.

Nutritional elements per 1gr
Energy: 15.4kJ / 3.65 kcal
Proteins: 0gr
Carbohydrates: 0.83gr
Sugars: 0gr
Fat: 0gr
Edible fibers: 0.1gr
Salt: 0gr

Nutritional elements per 100gr
Energy: 1544kJ / 365 kcal
Proteins: 0.15gr
Carbohydrates: 83gr
Sugars: 1gr
Fat: 0gr
Edible fibers: 18gr
Salt: 0gr

Ingestion of mastic helps:
cholesterol sufferers,
heartburn / stomach upset,
stomach ulcer,
duodenal ulcer.
Increases the body's natural defenses and
soothes stomach ache.
Usual dosage

Every morning, 15-20 minutes before breakfast, swallow 1g of mastic powder, which is a sharp measuring spoon that we send you with each order. If you do not have a measuring spoon, the dose is half a teaspoon. Mastic, even in powder form, does not dissolve in water.

For easy swallowing: put the required amount of powder on your tongue and drink a few sips of water immediately. In severe cases the same dose can be repeated in the evening.

Warning: There is a risk of mastic powder sticking during transport, because our mastic powder is 100% natural mastic without flow additives. From April to October, and especially during the summer this is more likely to happen, especially with courier delays.

Mastic powder: When you receive it, if it is stuck / lumped, put it in the freezer for 1 hour. If it is a little lumpy, hit the plastic jar on a hard surface and it will become powder again. If it is heavily clotted you can use a mortar or blender to powder it again. Mastic, if it softens, or clots, or even if it sticks and becomes a body, does not lose its healing properties.

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