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  • Organic cashews

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Organic cashews

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Organic cashews
Cashews are a kind of fruit with soft consistency and sweet taste.

No sugar, no salt
Net weight: 300gr
Packaging: Very practical, which keeps the contents fresh and allows you to open & close it multiple times.

See its benefits in the tab: Properties & benefits

Cashews are an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, iron and potassium. The antioxidants in cashew nuts, beta-carotene and vitamin E help protect the body from disease.

They do not contain cholesterol.

Their ingredients have a positive effect on teeth, bones, skin, muscles, eyes, and metabolism. However, due to their high fat content (45%), they are quite fragile, and should not be stored for too long.

. Healthy Heart: They are low in fat compared to other nuts and oleic acid which is very healthy for the heart. They do not contain cholesterol and the presence of antioxidants keep us away from heart disease

~ Reduce high blood pressure:

Cashews lower blood pressure with the help of the presence of magnesium contained in them.

Τα Hair helps:

Copper is the metal that helps your hair darken. So, if you get cashew nuts that are full of copper, you can have the black hair you have always wanted.

~ Healthy Bones:

They contain calcium, magnesium which is important for bone health.

~ Healthy Nerves:

Magnesium is stored on the surface of bones, which prevents calcium from entering nerve cells and thus keeps blood vessels and muscles relaxed. Insufficient amount of magnesium can lead to calcium entering the blood vessels leading them to contract and cause high blood pressure, migraines, etc.

Πουν Prevent gallstones:

Daily intake of classes can reduce the risk of developing gallstones by up to 25%.

Θούν They help in weight loss:

Even though cashews are considered fatty, they contain good cholesterol. Thus, contrary to popular belief, those who eat cashews, at least twice a week gain less weight compared to those who eat less.

~ Antioxidants:

Selenium, copper, magnesium, etc. act as co-factors for many enzymes.

~ Assist in digestion:

Cashews help in nucleic acid synthesis and digestion.

~ High content of Vitamins:

Cashews are rich in vitamins such as riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamine, niacin, etc. These vitamins keep you safe from iron deficiency anemia, pellagra, etc.

~ Healthy gums and teeth:

As mentioned before, the magnesium content in cashews is very good for the bones. That's why it gives healthy teeth as well as strong gums.

~ Pleasant sleep:

After menopause, cashew nuts can give you a relaxed and pleasant sleep during the night.

Λεύθε Free radicals:

They help our body use iron properly to eliminate free radicals that cause health problems.

Της Macular degeneration:

They have the ability to filter the sun's UV rays and protect us from macular degeneration

Nutritional elements per 100gr. Energy: 2315kj / 553kcal - Proteins: 18.20gr. - Fiber: 3.30gr.- Carbohydrates: 30.90gr. Of which sugars: 5.90 g - Fats: 43.90gr. Of which saturated: 7.80gr - Salt: 0.030gr.

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